Associazione Culturale Insula Felix

Via Galvani, 26 – Olbia 07026 (OT)
+39 388 1677058 - insulafelixolbia@gmail.com

Non-profit association

Non-profit-making charities
The association Insula Felix has been founded thanks to the strong will and dedication of Giovanni Maria Craboledda, a Sardinian businessman who has been active in France since 1940 being the founder of one of the largest European production systems for vegetables, especially for peppers. This initiative and original project is his personal homage to Sardinia and its work activities, and has its main seat in Olbia.

The realization of a special boat for the transportation of a restricted number of passengers is intended to organize tours to divulge the knowledge of the natural , historical, environmental, human and productive aspects of Olbia's Gulf. It is therefore possible to explore the entire area of the inner Gulf, its coves, mussel rearings, the mouth of the river Padrongianus , the isle of Bocca and its lighthouse, the commercial and touristic ports and finally the shipyards.

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